September 16

Christina & Carl lands on my list of “kind & generous” persons as #1 & 1a. Christina, who runs my favorite ice cream shop in the world, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory & Carl, whom…well, he’s Filipino, and I just kinda love ALL Filipinos; met while planning an event for the American Cancer Society and quickly became good friends. The title of “good friends” quickly escalated to “dating” soon after they both ditched their previous relationships. They went into the relationship with an expiration date since Carl had an impending departure to the Philippines to help his uncle campaign for President & his father with their commercial banking business. But a mere two weeks of dating was convincing enough for Carl to scratch those plans  and ultimately stay where he belongs, alongside Christina & all her delicious flavors!

P.S. I wanted to finish the write up with a honey metaphor but it would’ve sounded really corny…but fact of the day: Honey has no expiration date! =D


Christina's beautiful dress with the equally awesome TriBeca Rooftop in the background.

The killer shoes Autumn was able to convince Christina to get for the wedding.

This is as tough as it gets for the boys to get ready...

Tribeca rooftop has a handy photo studio in the back

Gotta love NYC and all the cobble stone streets

This is a nice change from the suits & bridal dresses. QiPaos & Barong Tagalogs.

Christina, I was actually hoping for a lychee flavored ice cream cake. =(

I love spontaneous moments like this.

Officially married!

Love the center pieces!

From the skyline of Tribeca rooftop

Any dancing that involves the bride being lifted off the floor gets a thumbs up from me

I call this move, the peacock. Carina, kudos girlfriend.

The post Tequila faces. One happy face...I wondered who ordered it...

I don't walk, I skip. 24/7



The BFF's.

The Mr. & Mrs.

...the dougie?

Love Carl's idea of a superhero themed photobooth

There is wayyy too much going on here.

Iron Man vs Darth Vader. This should be better than Alien vs. Predator.

The Daily News article that disappointingly altered my picture...=/