March 07

We traveled half way around the world, to feel at home all over again. =)



Crucial for comfort when doing tea ceremony.


Love the accent of the T’s.



Michelle’s super cute parents.



Like a BOSS.


Listening closely to Jason singing.



I believe that was a written declaration of Jason’s love for her.


Alvin aka. Brother aka. Groomsmen aka. Wardrobe Stylist aka. Hair Stylist.


Love me a giddy bride.



Also love completely random location shoots.


We decided to do a very HK thing and take pictures in a tram.


Didn’t seem to be a good idea when it started pulling away, and I, almost running into a lamp post chasing it…while taking pictures. Not Advised! Not to mention, Michelle laughing at me while doing so. =)


Love HK Red Cabs.








NYC Benches!


I think Michelle & Jason robbed a bilzillion business cards from all of their favorite restaurants back in NY.


NYC Lamps!



Yeah, you see the theme here? =)


Yeup! Even street signs!













What a way to end the night. =)