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November 16

You don’t need to know me well to see that I love weddings. I love the happy go lucky (drunk) people. I love the warm environment and although, I generally attract some of the warmest couples around, I still go in blind, often times not really knowing what to expect from the totality of things.

Sharon & Kevin’s wedding was a BIGG except to the rule of the unexpected. I knew their venue (The Pierre New York) was going to be gorgeous. I knew their church (St Anthony’s in SOHO) was bright, beautiful & historic. I knew their band was going to be awesome as Hank Lane Music always rock the house. I knew their cake was going to be one of a kind as it was from Sylvia Weinstock. And I knew Sharon’s family is phenomenal because I met them WAAYYY ahead of time during our consultation(BTW, just because you’re “interviewing us”, doesn’t mean we’re not doing the same” =P).

Sharon's suite @ the Pierre. Hint to all brides: try to keep where ever you're getting ready clean so I don't have to bother with finding an angle to eliminate all the bags & clothes on the floor.

The face of the hotel was under renovation so did something else to get the name in it.

I know it cliche but I think it's cute when there's an engraving inside the bands.

My choice is for suspenders over a vest/tie, anyday.

Love my Choo's

Momma always said, if you have it, flaunt it.

Those pesky buttons could take a while sometimes.

I like doing a first reveal for daddy as well. =)

I think the jitters sets in for most when they're about to head towards the ceremony.

My favorite church in the city.

I still get excited for the bride every time.

This was the image that got the full 2-page spread in the Daily News.

The gents.

Suspenders are so much more playful.

Retaining detail in the dress is a huge thing that gets left behind these days...

I always have to do a shot in the middle of an avenue. The bigger, the better.


The alcohol was definitely flowing that night...

Sylvia Weinstock's amazing cake. She's probably my favorite cake maker but that's mostly due to me loving her quirky personality.

And our common love for big framed glasses.

That's one way to make an entrance...

If one gets a band, one must get a band that gets interactive with the crowd. It brings the party up another notch.

As I was saying...up another notch...=)

One level higher if the parents comes onto the dance floor.

I love her retro look.

It's a good sign when the best man is double fisting. Cute little shot bottles too.

Double Fisting sometimes leads to this...

Or this...

In a best case scenario, double fisting leads to this.

Worst case scenario is a duel for a girl

You know it's a great party when pops & gramps gets on the floor.


Sharon was overly Zealous on her throw...BUT LOOK HOW MUCH AIR THAT GIRL IN FRONT CAUGHT. She wanted it....BAD.

Wait...WHAT? FYI, the man doing the kissing, isn't related to either family...he's the singer of the band. hahaha. Not sure what's going on...

Kevin was told that this will be the last female leg he'll ever touch that isn't Sharon's. hahaha

For the guests: if you want your picture taken, COME OUT TO THE DANCE FLOOR. If you're sitting in your seat the whole time, chances are, we won't make the effort to photograph you unless you specifically ask.

Daily News - Sunday Oct 16th, 2011. 2 page spread baby!



Venue – The Pierre New York

Church – St. Anthony’s SOHO

Video/Photo – Joseph Lin Photography

Band – Hank Lane Music

Cake– Sylvia Weinstock

Florist – Belle Fleur

Hair – Oscar Blandi Salon

Makeup – Oscar Blandi/Dominique Salon (The Pierre)