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November 05

I’m sure the world has heard & seen the disaster left from Superstorm Sandy. The leveled neighborhoods, the destroyed coastline, the symbolic Seaside Heights roller coaster in the ocean, the list goes on. But then a truly beautiful thing happy…a portion of the busiest city in the world went completely offline. No internet. No cell phones. No Cars. NOTHING. It had a eerie correlation to the Will Smith “I Am Legend” flick.

And for all it’s eeriness(Anyone that was downtown can attest to this), it was also beautiful. I’ve been in this city all my life and never have I seen the amount of stars that I saw that ONE night. The moon was at it’s full and the streets that are usually full of loud drunks @2AM was completely silent.

The images below were shot in complete darkness, lit only with the moon & stars in the sky.


From the covers of the latest NY Magazine. An overview of the blackout area.

I guess Brooklyn powers 3/4 of the bridge...

Completely dark FiDi, except for the powered lights from the generators. Same generators used to pump the water out...

Usually one of the liveliest parts of town...pitch black. Well, except for that taxi coming down the street...

The most beautiful street in all of NYC. Pitch Black.

Only with the lights completely off, can one see the glory of our skies.

One of my favorite buildings in the city.