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February 21

My two favorite islands in the world, Hawaii and the Philippines.


The last time the casing worked. Canon has officially told me, that the camera is economically unrepairable. GREAT!


My ride or die chick.


Steph is loving our view enroute to the summit of Mauna Kea.



One of the many reasons why Big Island is my favorite of the bunch.



Well worth the freezing hike up to that top.



Never will one be so cold and be so close to the Equator.


The other reason why I love Big Island so much.


Watching Big Island grow.


An unachievable dream at this point…but kudos to all our service men and women.


Quite the landscape to be flying and landing from.


It’s hard to believe but some of the biggest buildings in the world were constructed with the help of simple bamboos…the scaffolding of Asia.


Wonder why these red cabs never got the attention our yellow cab has gotten. I find them very comfortable and roomy.


Siargao, Philippines. I knew I was in the right place when I saw this as a mode of transportation.


The beautiful people of the Philippines.


I don’t know what this local was doing…


Our Thai inspired lunch @ Buddha’s Surf Resort.


Their super cute Beagle!


Really gotta get used to spooning dudes in Asia, or else you’ll never get anywhere.


What should be much larger Tuna. The people here catch what they can. The years of dynamite fishing has unfortunately killed most of the marine & coral life in the region.




As gorgeous as the water is, there is a disturbing lack of fish.


I miss having warm tropical waters between my toes…


They did have oysters.


Don’t really know what he’s fishing for…didn’t see ONE fish.


There were a bunch of these guys.



Keeping ourselves entertained.