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September 12


What started out as an advice/pointer for things to do on a Monday night upon exiting Butter, quickly (And I mean, 2nd date quickly) turned in to a getaway to Mexico for a best friend’s wedding…who does that? =D

Bold move. But the right move…and here is their wedding day, unfolded in still form:

Dress: Pnina Tornai

Shoes: Prada

Flowers: Flowers by Rori

Band: Hank Lane РSteve Delisi (Definitely competes with Bobby Attiko & Michael Hart as my favorite bands)

Pedicabs: Manhattan Rickshaw

A perfect August day in the Hamptons.

For every scrape, scratch, bump, scar, tattoo – there’s a story and that’s why I love things imperfect.

How girls get ready…

How guys get ready

That’s when I knew we had a bunch of hams.

Hams makes my job much easier & enjoyable

The best first look reaction. Ever!

Love my itty bitty hams.

Fact of the day: 90% of birds are monogamous

Fact 2: This girl is absolutely adorable!

A proper english gentleman

Got a bit close to the water…

Clear with a chance of…flowers?

Manhattan doesn’t get any love? =(

There were a lot of international accents…

…in a very international wedding. LOVE IT!

It got pretty fun, pretty fast.

Everyday he’s shuffling

The crowd saw this as a “go” for the Hora.

My favorite thing is the world.

James was loving it.


I like silhouettes.

A proper bond fire after-party

Ukulele and all.

Did I mention…a proper after-party? =)

…they made me?

Mr.John Cusack

It was that kinda night…