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August 13

As per Lisa:

September 2004 – I had just moved to the city with my best friend, Erica R., from college and she set us to meet on a fall night at the W Hotel in Union Square. It was my first real date. My friends advised me to say I had a birthday party at 10pm, an escape route if necessary. I remember being very nervous, but one drink turned into three and in what felt like just moments it was just shy of 10pm. Alex looked at his watch and smiled – he knew the old “escape route” game, probably used it himself a few times – he looked up at me and smirked “Don’t you have to go? You’ll be late for your party.” I assured him it was not a close friend and she wouldn’t mind if I arrived a little late. Busted.

It was a great first date. But we were so young. I was 21 and Alex, 22. We saw each other one more time the following week. Alex insists he called me after and I never called him back. That was 8 years ago, so who really remembers…

July 2005 – We ran into each other at a club one night. He was much taller and even more handsome than I remember. The connection was instant again. We talked and drank and danced all night. He walked me home, and at the front door of my building on 22nd Street he asked me to have dinner with him that week. He was irresistible. That Thursday was the best date I would have for six years. He was charming and sweet, and I couldn’t bare to tell him I was moving to California in just a few days. It was a perfect night, one that I would always remember. He called me the next day and asked me to join him at the Coldplay concert on Saturday. I had to confess, “I am moving to California tomorrow.” Silence on the other end of the line, and then a polite goodbye and a genuine good luck. It crushed me.

May 2010 – Erica R. gets married. I walked into the rehearsal dinner and there he was…I thought, is it possible that he is even more dreamy than I remember him? He walked right up to me and said hello, shook my date’s hand and smiled. I was mesmerized. There were 300 people there and I could only see him.

March 2011 – I had moved back to New York that winter and was enjoying single life. I’ll admit every once in a while I would take a peek at Alex’s Facebook profile but was too embarrassed to write him. He had pursued me twice in the last 7 years but I was too young and naive to appreciate such a great guy. I knew that if I asked him out this time, I had to be ready for it, and I was petrified that I had missed my chance. On March 10, 2011 we went for drinks at the Crosby Hotel Bar after I Facebook messaged him suggesting we catch up. The second best date of my life. By our third date I knew I would fall in love with him, and by the fourth I knew that love would last forever.


Hair – Aaron from Prive Salon

Make up – Raychel Wade

Dress maker – Monique Lhuillier

Flowers – Jes Gordon

Venue – Pier Sixty

Caterer – Abigail Kirsch


I love me a pair of sexy shoes.




The essentials for a groom.



Also essential is a good fitting suit & a great time piece. Check, Check & Check!



It isn’t an occasion if the guy isn’t waiting.














Wasn’t sure if they were going for a Beauty & the Beast styled arrangement but I like it!



You could tell how hungry we are during cocktail hour by counting how many frames of food we shoot…





These plates went so well with the setting.


While the guests were watching their ceremony in Lake Como, Italy from a month back…


My favorite event of any culture, the hora.






Love it when the parent dances are together.



Considering Sharon (MOB) had a broken foot, she was a dancing machine!





Only thing that’s better than a good looking groom is an affectionate one. =)


It was one of those kinda parties.


Quite the rock.


I live for these moments.