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January 12

Venue: Cipriani 42nd street

Hotel: Lotte New York Palace

Band: Golden Child – Bobby Attiko

Church: St Patrick’s Cathedral


May 13

Dress: Nicole Miller

Tuxedo: Hugo Boss

Flowers: Steven Polizzi for Pedestals

Event Planners: Classic Events NYC

Hair: Alex Anthony Salon

Makeup: Blue Michael Cosmetics for Alex Anthony Salon

Music: Bobby Attiko for Hank Lane

Limos: Romantique

Andrea & Mario010

Andrea & Mario007

Andrea & Mario003

Andrea & Mario009

Andrea & Mario077 Andrea & Mario020 Andrea & Mario031 Andrea & Mario040 Andrea & Mario073  Andrea & Mario081 Andrea & Mario093 Andrea & Mario095 Andrea & Mario096 Andrea & Mario104 Andrea & Mario105

Andrea & Mario127 Andrea & Mario126

Andrea & Mario117

Andrea & Mario138

Andrea & Mario140 Andrea & Mario143


`        Andrea & Mario166 Andrea & Mario177

Andrea & Mario269

Andrea & Mario307 Andrea & Mario289

Andrea & Mario357Andrea & Mario371

Andrea & Mario374

Andrea & Mario390Andrea & Mario408

Andrea & Mario424 Andrea & Mario425

Andrea & Mario452

Andrea & Mario476 Andrea & Mario454Andrea & Mario537Andrea & Mario543Andrea & Mario558 Andrea & Mario627 Andrea & Mario595 Andrea & Mario583 Andrea & Mario582 Andrea & Mario579 Andrea & Mario576 Andrea & Mario573 Andrea & Mario560Andrea & Mario660 Andrea & Mario693 Andrea & Mario674Andrea & Mario699Andrea & Mario702

September 12


What started out as an advice/pointer for things to do on a Monday night upon exiting Butter, quickly (And I mean, 2nd date quickly) turned in to a getaway to Mexico for a best friend’s wedding…who does that? =D

Bold move. But the right move…and here is their wedding day, unfolded in still form:

Dress: Pnina Tornai

Shoes: Prada

Flowers: Flowers by Rori

Band: Hank Lane – Steve Delisi (Definitely competes with Bobby Attiko & Michael Hart as my favorite bands)

Pedicabs: Manhattan Rickshaw

A perfect August day in the Hamptons.

For every scrape, scratch, bump, scar, tattoo – there’s a story and that’s why I love things imperfect.

How girls get ready…

How guys get ready

That’s when I knew we had a bunch of hams.

Hams makes my job much easier & enjoyable

The best first look reaction. Ever!

Love my itty bitty hams.

Fact of the day: 90% of birds are monogamous

Fact 2: This girl is absolutely adorable!

A proper english gentleman

Got a bit close to the water…

Clear with a chance of…flowers?

Manhattan doesn’t get any love? =(

There were a lot of international accents…

…in a very international wedding. LOVE IT!

It got pretty fun, pretty fast.

Everyday he’s shuffling

The crowd saw this as a “go” for the Hora.

My favorite thing is the world.

James was loving it.


I like silhouettes.

A proper bond fire after-party

Ukulele and all.

Did I mention…a proper after-party? =)

…they made me?

Mr.John Cusack

It was that kinda night…

October 12

From spending a couple of hours together during an engagement session, one can pick up a few things.

Here was my notes for Sara & David after theirs, AND I QUOTE:

“Sara has an amazing smile & laugh. Loves vintage cars. Especially a 67′ Mustang. Really excited for her Louboutins.

David has a quirky sense of style and a funny dry humor. I wonder if he will be wearing flip flops down the aisle…

Really cute couple.

…It’s going to be an amazing wedding”

-That note, is of course, after we spent hours past our bedtime on a work night, chit chatting over drinks & food.


Dress: Amsale

Tuxedo: Armani

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Band: Bobby Attiko of Hank Lane

Flowers: Ariston Florist

Caterer/Cake: Prestige

Hair/Make-up: Bloom Beauty Lounge





How cute is she?

One of my top 5 favorite venues.

Love the "Don't Panic" ESPECIALLY considering what happened during the Ketubah signing...

If David had the option, I think he would've wore the pair on the right, all night.

Love the cuffs.

Self tied. Impressive.

First sight.

David's expression is priceless.

Amazing bridal party.

Sara got hungry.

This is how we do family photos.


Fact: The hora was invented so that photographers can get expression like this outta the bride & groom.

This HAS to be THE BEST, speech-song & dance I've EVER heard. SERIOUSLY.

There he goes. Mike had to go and do the worm.

David caught trying to photo bomb.

Airing things out.

Good attempt Patrick Swayze but no dice.

Dad's getting in on the fun. Must've been Bon Jovi.

And...this is why I love the Hank Lane bands...

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur...GRANDMA WAS GETTING LOW LOW LOW LOW!

Amazing party ya'll.