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October 12

From spending a couple of hours together during an engagement session, one can pick up a few things.

Here was my notes for Sara & David after theirs, AND I QUOTE:

“Sara has an amazing smile & laugh. Loves vintage cars. Especially a 67′ Mustang. Really excited for her Louboutins.

David has a quirky sense of style and a funny dry humor. I wonder if he will be wearing flip flops down the aisle…

Really cute couple.

…It’s going to be an amazing wedding”

-That note, is of course, after we spent hours past our bedtime on a work night, chit chatting over drinks & food.


Dress: Amsale

Tuxedo: Armani

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Band: Bobby Attiko of Hank Lane

Flowers: Ariston Florist

Caterer/Cake: Prestige

Hair/Make-up: Bloom Beauty Lounge





How cute is she?

One of my top 5 favorite venues.

Love the "Don't Panic" ESPECIALLY considering what happened during the Ketubah signing...

If David had the option, I think he would've wore the pair on the right, all night.

Love the cuffs.

Self tied. Impressive.

First sight.

David's expression is priceless.

Amazing bridal party.

Sara got hungry.

This is how we do family photos.


Fact: The hora was invented so that photographers can get expression like this outta the bride & groom.

This HAS to be THE BEST, speech-song & dance I've EVER heard. SERIOUSLY.

There he goes. Mike had to go and do the worm.

David caught trying to photo bomb.

Airing things out.

Good attempt Patrick Swayze but no dice.

Dad's getting in on the fun. Must've been Bon Jovi.

And...this is why I love the Hank Lane bands...

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur...GRANDMA WAS GETTING LOW LOW LOW LOW!

Amazing party ya'll.






June 14

Christina leaves me a voicemail @ 1 AM the night before her wedding, stating that she was having a bridezilla moment & needed to chat…

Dan calls me the morning of, and tells me he’s hung over…

The weather channel then mentions that there’s a chance of rain…and we’ve only planned for outdoor photos.

Needless to say, I was wondering what I had gotten myself into…

And then I saw the shoes…oh those shoes.

Then the AMAZING dress.

And the 5 bottles of champagne drank by the girls in the morning. …yes…5. Then they tell me that they cleared a few out of the way before I even arrived. – Game on!


Dress: Oscar De La Renta

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Church: Trinity Church –

Venue: Tribeca Rooftop –

Bridesmaid dresses: David Meister

Groom tux: Vera Wang

Florist: Flowerful Events –

Band: Michael Hart Band, Hank Lane –




The shoes. Peonies Louboutins.

How awesome are these guys? I'm a boy that likes my shoes.


Logan was getting a bit frisky with Christina. Love those two together.

The quintessential, caught off guard, going to the bathroom - "OMG, I'm hot " look.

Only place with more tourist in a church while ceremony takes place is St. Patrick's. I like the splash of color.

Amazing priest. Though he looked to be a bit more nervous than Christina...

Full house + more. On a Friday. That's when you know people love you.

The bustle usually lends to a great shot.

But guys want nothing to do with that.

Wedding formula A: Veil + Wind = drama.

Fast paced kinda street...


Had to stop by the liquor store. We seriously did.

Um...I did not plan for this.

Christina was a true trooper.

Dan looks like he wanted no part of that...

Yes, a snake & a bright red tandem bike. Only in NYC.

We did irritate the snake a bit but nothing Peta wouldn't approve of. =)

Scott replace Christina... her dress wouldn't allow for the bike. =(


Putting the "party" in bridal party.

I begged her to leave her veil on.

Maybe it's just me, she looks like Katie

My favorite shot of her.

She certainly knew how to work the camera.

The girls knew how to work the firemen. Thanks again guys!

My favorite backdrop. A bright red fire truck.

My kinda bridal party picture.

Dan's favorite movie is Ghostbusters, so we had this as a surprise for him.

This too...WORK IT GIRL! Oh...Hi Dan. =)

Amazing details on those custom linens.

Tribeca rooftop has the best environment for cocktail hour. a BIG family.

Still one of my favorite venues in the city.

The reception is by far, my favorite part of ANY wedding.

Lots of drinking & dancing. Maybe a bit of spooning.

One of the best band performances to date: Michael Hart Band - Hank Lane.

I know I express often the love for drinking & dancing during reception but the parent dances is another reason why I love the reception.

Because it lends to many moments like this.


I personally get pretty choked up and often have to remind myself that I'm "working".

Why yes, I love you too Christina.


Grandma getting in on the action.

Didn't catch the fella's name from Michael Hart but very animated. Love it!

If only they allow for cigars indoors...

Logan dropping it like it's hot.

Getting lost in moment together, on one of the great days in your lives.

Classic reception moment. =)

"Why, what big eyes you have"

The boys.


That's all folks.