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February 21

My two favorite islands in the world, Hawaii and the Philippines.


The last time the casing worked. Canon has officially told me, that the camera is economically unrepairable. GREAT!


My ride or die chick.


Steph is loving our view enroute to the summit of Mauna Kea.



One of the many reasons why Big Island is my favorite of the bunch.



Well worth the freezing hike up to that top.



Never will one be so cold and be so close to the Equator.


The other reason why I love Big Island so much.


Watching Big Island grow.


An unachievable dream at this point…but kudos to all our service men and women.


Quite the landscape to be flying and landing from.


It’s hard to believe but some of the biggest buildings in the world were constructed with the help of simple bamboos…the scaffolding of Asia.


Wonder why these red cabs never got the attention our yellow cab has gotten. I find them very comfortable and roomy.


Siargao, Philippines. I knew I was in the right place when I saw this as a mode of transportation.


The beautiful people of the Philippines.


I don’t know what this local was doing…


Our Thai inspired lunch @ Buddha’s Surf Resort.


Their super cute Beagle!


Really gotta get used to spooning dudes in Asia, or else you’ll never get anywhere.


What should be much larger Tuna. The people here catch what they can. The years of dynamite fishing has unfortunately killed most of the marine & coral life in the region.




As gorgeous as the water is, there is a disturbing lack of fish.


I miss having warm tropical waters between my toes…


They did have oysters.


Don’t really know what he’s fishing for…didn’t see ONE fish.


There were a bunch of these guys.



Keeping ourselves entertained.









January 10

Heading back to Mexico today…there will be no picture taking in this trip…exclusively diving but here’s a quick recap of our previous trip across the country.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

New York —>New Orleans—>Texas—>Arizona—>Utah—>Vegas—>Cabos San Lucas—>San Diego—>Home.


Is it just me, or does the Rice a Roni song run through you head too when you see a trolley like this?

Bourbon wasn't kind to us.

My kinda town.

From New Orleans to Arizona, this is pretty much what it looks like the entire way through...

Boys & Toys. See the grin on Jack's face?

This is how men change tires. We don't need a stinkin jack!


Rather dusty...hahaha.


This is how we like to skip. It's an Asian thing...

I didn't have proper hiking gear...not advised to hike in board shorts...

The landscape in Arizona & Utah is AMAZING!


That harness was wedgie central.

Took him a while...

Jack's a natural...until you creep up under him.

Define little...cause I see nothing.

Oh our way to Zion, taking a break to view the landscape.

Our first boy band picture.

It was one of those...emo kinda trips.

Skipping again.


Where's Waldo?

Hikers used rocks as a navigational tool...

I heart Utah, part 2.

Joe & Dave in their natural states. Feminine & Emo. Respectively.

Me in my natural state, stuck between a rock & a fall...

It was very relaxing up there... more time

Our official album cover. Our agent Daniel gave us the name - Broke Back Canyon.

Got hit by a freak snowstorm out of ARIZONA?!

Something about cactus & snow...doesn't seem right to me.

Trying to find our way to Coyote Butte.

Look north towards Utah, and it looks like this.

Look south towards Arizona, and it looks like this!

After an insane hike through the canyon, we finally found Coyote Butte, and boy was it awesome! I can't imagine doing this in 120 degree heat.

This is "The Wave"

My happy face...

Great view from up top. Couldn't make it to the peak on the left...=(

Couldn't leave such a beautiful place without doing a photoshoot. This will be the album cover for my solo career. PS, this was also my Christmas Card to some. =) did that hat go? =P

Boy band reunited. Broke Back Canyon minus one.

After a grueling night in Vegas, we came to Cabo.

It was suppose to be an epic fishing trip...except the only thing epic about it was the distance we were shooting with our barf.

Even the birds were disappointed in us...

But took the last of our bait anyways.

The sea lion needed a ride back to the beach, so he tagged along. We didn't have much to give him, but our remaining bait.

They weren't happy that we were in their side of the water...even snapped at us a couple of times.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau said white tip sharks are the most dangerous to divers...I learned that after the fact.