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September 19

Sept 3rd (Day after a long wedding and a wild night out) 2:00PM – Leave for airport.

Sept 3rd 2:20PM – Turn around on BQE, forgot my passport.

JFK to CDG – 7 Hours & 16 minutes (Couldn’t sleep for a minute)

Sept 4th (In Paris) 7:00AM – Waiting for 10AM train…forgot charging adapter and nothing to read…BORED OUTTA MY MIND!

Sept 4th (Arriving in Aix) 1:30PM – Panicking  because I can’t find Steph and no phone.

Sept 4th, Approximately 7:00PM – Finally getting to the Chateau and seeing everyone for the first time. Followed by a quick rehearsal and a nice dinner in.

Side question: What makes a chateau…a chateau?

Sept 5th – The BIG day, as you can see below.

Sept 6th 7:30AM, Wake up with cotton mouth, a headache and a severely bruised hip *Ahem…Stephanie! to go to the train station.

Sept 6th 5:00PM, @ CDG airport…BORED OUTTA MY MIND AGAIN!

CDG to JFK 8 Hours of 40 minutes. (Why does it always take longer to go home?)

Sept 6th 8:00PM – Touchdown JFK.

Sept 6th 10:00PM – Prepping for a 3 wedding weekend.

In conclusion:

16 Hours of flight.

7 Hours of Train.

11 Hours of waiting in train stations & airports.

To spend a day and a half in Aix…AND I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN IN A HEART  BEAT!


The grapes were DELICIOUS!


Nana wasn't fond of cars...


Start em' young.


Tara's in running for the cutest flower girl...ever. She was collecting rocks with her flower basket!


Steph's taking little kid's bueno.


Future photographers?




As the girls worked...


The boys played...


And played they did!












Wasn't sure what David was doing here...


Here she comes!


Love that David was still teary...I can't imagine his reaction if he hadn't seen her yet.


Tara collecting back her flowers.



Practically bathing in lavender.


I think he was trying to get even with the crowd...


But trajectory was a bit off...




Her grandma's so cute!


...not so innocent with the pole dancing.



The boys showing some skin. It's traditional to go commando...I learned it the hard way...


Not sure what's going on here...



Trevor obviously didn't like Steph's method of picking up as much.





Like mother...


Like son?


"I've had...the time of my life"


The sequence of events that led to my severely bruised ass.