October 12

Took a trip down to the Yucatan this past July/August for the purpose of finding whale sharks (We tried & failed in Honduras in April) with my awesome friend & ex roommate Schern. The search was much easier than what we had anticipated so we both soon realized that we’ll quickly get bored of Mexico…and purely out of spontaneity, we booked a trip to Havana and the rest…well…take a look for yourself:

If you’re only interested in the Cuban pictures only, SCROLL DOWN!


Yeah...he almost whacked me with his tail...

" Under the sea, under the sea, Darlin’ it’s better, Down where it’s wetter, Take it from me!" - Sebastian


Did you know that I had a phobia of being in water a year ago? =D

Can I get a collective "Arriba!!!"?

GoPro's comes in handy on trips like this...I might leave my SLR at home entirely from now on...

There are more fish in this one shot than I saw in ALL of the Bay Islands in Honduras in 10 days...

We're in deep thought...

Our many failed attempts at spelling Mexico...

Ricky made the most AMAZING Pitas in the world! I mean...he did use to be Sous Chef @ Jean Georges. That $5 Pita sounds like a steal doesn't it?

The man doesn't need much to make magic

Isla Mujeres, I've confessed my love to you many times. I just hope you never turn into your big brother, Cozumel

Mara's awesome ink

Sunset with the best pita, awesome sunset, great company and bad beer. That's what Mexico is all about

The earth is round

Our daily routine at dusk

It was fun while it lasted...

Fernando (On the left) operated the nicest & chicest hostel I've ever been to

Stine on her way down

I wasn't allowed to skydive because I had did a water dive earlier that day...

Life is hard

I gotta get one of those helmets.

Eva coming in

There were SOOO many mosquitoes by the conotes that the first thing we did as soon as we got out the car was put on full length wet suits


Getting ready to go in

The dude was carrying 4 tanks...crazy...

It was pretty much pitch black...but you get the jiff.


My paper roses from the girls, miss you guys a bunch!

Our house Mom Rosa & GrandMa.

The kids were crafting a skateboard like object...view below for it's purpose.

Looks like fun, no?

The entire city of Havana is full of charm.

Literally like stepping back in time

If Jay Leno had his ways...

Yes, I purposely used this color tone to make it look older...


Cuban soldier on duty. This was right by a huge monument next to the capital building that supposedly Raul Castro works out of...

Che Guevara is the biggest icon & figure in Cuba and a lot of other Latin American countries...

Historic Downtown Havana

This was built as an exact replica to the US Senate building...it was built by the same architect. Go figure...

My favorite car in Havana

Can't be in Havana without having a Mojito

I wonder what the locals thought of me...=P

A Santeria woman in the town square

Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar. Of course, I had to have a mojito & cigar

Their little buggy cabs

If they ever lift the embargo, it'll never be the same


Maybe this should be Chubby's Halloween costume

They robbed us. hahaha!

All the buildings looks & feels like if they were going to collapse any week now...

People in Havana just hangs out in the streets all day...

Che's Favorite

Did what the locals did, smoke my lungs out...I'm still trying to clear out all the smoke

Concrete jungle!

Construction workers...someone doesn't belong...hahaha!

Like I said...people just hang out in the street...this old man had a whole lot of swag

Our neighbor. He had a very distinctive face...

We got around Havana is all forms of transportation...

A) They looked a bit too young to be a firefighters & B) DON'T POSE, GO PUT THE FIRE OUT!

I went into Cuba looking for this lady (On the right)...she's apparently very popular but I don't really know why...

But she is adorable!

The next few frames is what I like to call..."Hipster Heaven"

See what I mean?

There's a square in Havana that sells all the "unwanted" items from abandoned homes...these "unwanted" items are all collectibles back in the US

Got Havana in my crosshair from a cannon that was literally 500 years old

Planking was still kool back in Aug...right?

This was a fort that was used to protect Havana from pirates such as Blackbeard & Morgan

Havana towards twilight...