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June 03

Brecknock get the most blog posts. And for good reason…I am absolutely in love with this place!


That is the beautiful & wonderful Jennifer Ackroyd. She runs this town.


Love it!

Not all images are internet friendly…

Little Sophia was the biggest ham in the world. And I LOVED it!

Love me a befitting sun flare.

They are in L-O-V-E!

A great father is easy to spot. PS – Father’s day is coming up.

A gentleman & a cigar. It feels complete.

Other than the burns I got on my arms,  that was a really nice send off.



November 22

I love Brecknock Hall.

I love Indian weddings.

I love Saris.

I love this couple.

….I love… dancing?

The same day edit video (Daniele Napolitano, Nick Armero, Vladimir Weinstein):

Flowers: James Anthony floral
Cupcakes: Prohibition bakery
Tent: Sperry tents
Wedding planner: Opulent event management
Hair/makeup: Salon karma
Caterer: Benares catering
Linens: Finishing touch
Rentals: Something different party rental
Beer: Greenport harbor brewing company


My love for tattoos naturally translate for my love of Henna.

Love the beer idea.

I’m a big sucker for mason jars.

Love the henna on the right arm.

One of my favorite couples this year.

I’m okay with Saris replacing bridemaid dresses.


Love how giddy you two are.

“Heyyyyy, sexy laadddday.” Song of the day?

Our secret little location.

I did not deserver that face.

This one…I do.

I believe she wanted to pick them up and toss them all over again…

Why yes. They came into the reception with banana suits.

I believe Brendan also loves to dance.

Yes. It is the horse riding dance.

“Uh…sir…get off the dance off…”

Cause the groom needs to get his boogie on.

I got caught up in the moment.

That’s all folks.

September 19

Don’t forget to check out the Same Day Video Edit on the bottom!
Yes, we’re very proud of our work so go watch it!  =)

Jade & Kit. Cutest Daughter/Mom combo I've EVER came across.

Jade's bling.

I love outdoor weddings in September

The gorgeous brecknock hall. A hidden historic gem in Greenport, NY.

It was kinda hard to keep it PG with Jade. haha

Did someone say 3 dimensional? =P

Let me reiterate, very photogenic weekend. =)

Took a chilly journey on a golf kart to wow was it worth it.

I really couldn't believe we were still in NY...

My ONLY complain was that I wouldn't be able to write my name in the "sand"...=)

Couldn't have asked for a nicer day/sunset

Jade was a trooper on beach with her 5 inch heels

Jessica has such a great smile

It's officially party time.


It's always a great idea to bring photobooth props to the dance floor

It's either she's uber strong or Kit's uber light, cause she was honeymooning Kit for a while

You might be wondering why Kit is in this post so much...well...3 reasons...she's MOB/MOH AND PFA....PFA = Pretty Freakin Awesome


You could tell it's a good party when a guy in a suit is spinning on the floor

PFA, acronym can be found above.


The crowd's reaction to the PFA-ness


Play this in a new window as you view the next two images & forward to the 00:40 mark:

She literally slid right under him as he was going for the limbo...awesome!


And lastly, this is her Same Day Edit Wedding Video that we showed at the end of dinner. =D