June 03

Brecknock get the most blog posts. And for good reason…I am absolutely in love with this place!


That is the beautiful & wonderful Jennifer Ackroyd. She runs this town.


Love it!

Not all images are internet friendly…

Little Sophia was the biggest ham in the world. And I LOVED it!

Love me a befitting sun flare.

They are in L-O-V-E!

A great father is easy to spot. PS – Father’s day is coming up.

A gentleman & a cigar. It feels complete.

Other than the burns I got on my arms,  that was a really nice send off.



  • […] Emily’s Wedding: I’ve literally known Emily since kindergarden. We grew up a few blocks away and we spent many days playing running bases on her front lawn. She met her husband Jamie, at a bar in the next town over, on St. Patrick’s Day (also his birthday) when we were in college. They were drunk and barely remembered what each other looked like the next day. Fast forward 7 years and they are quite possibly one of the best couples that I know – two super loyal, incredibly supportive and fun people who have built a relationship around a mutual love of country music, the ny mets and wine (and of course, each other). Their wedding was in Greenport, LI – they got married in a cute little church in town with the reception to follow at a gorgeous mansion, Brecknock Hall. The whole day was casual, intimate and pretty much perfection. […]