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June 03

Brecknock get the most blog posts. And for good reason…I am absolutely in love with this place!


That is the beautiful & wonderful Jennifer Ackroyd. She runs this town.


Love it!

Not all images are internet friendly…

Little Sophia was the biggest ham in the world. And I LOVED it!

Love me a befitting sun flare.

They are in L-O-V-E!

A great father is easy to spot. PS – Father’s day is coming up.

A gentleman & a cigar. It feels complete.

Other than the burns I got on my arms,  that was a really nice send off.



July 09

Now that I’m over the Brody & Vaughn…not really but life has to go on…sad face. sad face.

I can’t help but sing the brady bunch theme song when I was putting up the images…

“Here’s the story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls.
All of them had hair of gold, like their mother,
The youngest one in curls.”


Venue: Mallard Island Yacht Club –

Dress: Monique Lhuillier

Cake: Kimmy’s Kakes –

Band: EBE Entertainment (Paris) –

Hair: Aqua Blue Salon

Make up: Ivan Flores

Flowers: Spitz & Peck –

Caterer: Taste Catering –




If Princess Peach had a place, it would look like this.


Love little accents like these.


She sells sea shells by the seashore.


A must for every good start to a wedding, good champagne.


I love me my shoes.


Love shoes that adds a splash of color.


"I now pronounce you..."


¿Dónde está su luna de miel?


Why sisters are always a good option as a bridesmaid. They'll REALLY scout things out for you.


Jack, tuning in his inner Jay-Z...More on that later.


The shower in that bathroom is bigger than my apartment...Sad...but true.


Dani pondering how to best pull off her Beyonce act later.


Can't have a Jersey wedding without massive amount of hair stray. =)


Very royal kinda feel to this...



Elyse's gorgeous flowers.


Off she goes to see Josh.


Love how all the girls on top are crying and the men on the bottom are busy taking pictures. Boys, leave it up to us to take the pictures, and you go for the crying.


Little bit of an Abbey Road thing going on...


The Bridal Party. See my favorite little fellas? Couldn't leave them out entirely on this post.


Very Serene.


The amazingly decked out Hoopa by Spitz & Peck


Love colorful Yamakas.




Papa Amedeo looking at the arriving guests.


Mason jars are always a great addition to an outdoor ceremony.



Here they come!


The Amedeo's on their way down...


The most nerve wrecking part to most brides.


A Perfect sunset.


Mallard's Ballroom


Great looking cake.


Love the sugar ribbons!




Wish they did Hora's for ALL weddings.


Only thing better than the dancing are the facial expressions.


Haha! 25% Excitement. 75% Fright.


Love the next sequence. Dani: "Get Mrs. Greenbaum!"


"Joshua! Are you not going to help me?!" Josh: "Sorry mom, no dice"


Uncle Ron: "Hold on for dear life"


Mrs. Greenbaum: "Dear God..."




But of course, she enjoys the ride.


Even the Rabbi got in on the action!


Haha! Love it!


The food was THAT good.


The good o' parent dances.


This is why I like to stay till the end of receptions.


No surprise on Dani's awesome performance...




Can you tell that they're loving the performance?


So long folks.



June 29

I don’t normally blog about ring bearers, but when I do, THEY MOST CERTAINLY are the cutest in the world!

Our most eligible bachelor in 18 years, Brody

Ladies, meet Vaughn, he'll melt your heart like a chocolate fondue set.

The boys with Poppa.

Can someone put these guys on a J CREW catalog already?!

The Gap maybe?

My fave of these two.

Warning: these two will steal the show!

I even "awww"ed at his untied sneakers during the ceremony!