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June 03

Brecknock get the most blog posts. And for good reason…I am absolutely in love with this place!


That is the beautiful & wonderful Jennifer Ackroyd. She runs this town.


Love it!

Not all images are internet friendly…

Little Sophia was the biggest ham in the world. And I LOVED it!

Love me a befitting sun flare.

They are in L-O-V-E!

A great father is easy to spot. PS – Father’s day is coming up.

A gentleman & a cigar. It feels complete.

Other than the burns I got on my arms,  that was a really nice send off.



July 18

Every culture has their personal touches to marriages.

The Chinese have the traditional “buying their way into the bride’s inner circle & family…”

The Germans have the cutting of the tree log…

The Jewish have the breaking of the glass & the Hora (Which I Love to capture because it gets EVERYONE out on the dance floor. And it makes for great “O” face moments on top of the chair”)

But here’s a new one: Jersey

The tradition of lifting a big lifeguard post. =D


(I’m totally kidding & hope I didn’t offend anyone)

New Jersey Lifeguard post

Bevin & Tim lifting lifeguard post