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March 25

Nicole is the Alberto Granado to my Che Guevara.

Or is she Che, and I, Alberto?


The bike I wanted but wouldn't fit both of us...

The bike I wanted but too small for the both of us…nor could it go more than 40mph

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 007

Our helmets from back home. We didn’t trust the Vietnam standard of safety…

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 006

She’s pretty thrilled about getting to Hải Vân Pass. Note: This is one of the BEST driving roads in the world.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 008

When we got to the top of the mountain, we found a little known strong hold from the war.

Ha Long Bay. Translation: Descending Dragon Bay

Ha Long Bay. Translation: Descending Dragon Bay

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 002-2

Our little private beach in the middle of Ha Long Bay fully equipped with hot water, only from 8-10PM, clogged toilets that are sucked out in the morning by a septic boat and painfully chilled nights. BUT we had a rock climbing instructor!

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 004

AND! Water-tubing!

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 002

Christmas tree in Ha Long Bay. Juxtaposition anyone?

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 009

This is pretty much what the middle of Vietnam looks like.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 011

The entire country is pretty much covered in rice fields. Hence why they’re the 2nd biggest exporters of rice.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 013

After a hard day’s work.


Quintessential suburban Vietnam

Quintessential rural Vietnam.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 001-2

There were cold nights. So cold that Nicole refused to take her gloves off and instead, snapped pictures with her nose.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 012

Lost in the middle of no where.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 016

I can’t do a travel blog without an old wrinkly man. I JUST LOVE THEM!

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 014

When we finally made our way into Cambodia for Christmas!

When we finally made our way into Cambodia for Christmas!

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 024


Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 019

Angkor Wat just made for a nice backdrop for my real attraction. MONKEYS!

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 023

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 034

We’re lunch buddies.

Nicole was also taken in by the monkeys.

Nicole was also taken in by the monkeys.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 032

A group of monks checking out a bombed temple (One of many casualties from the Khmer Rouge regime) in Siem Reap.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 033

Getting her praying on.

Getting her praying on.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 025

Big temple. Little people.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 020

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 018

Angkor Wat is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Which is why I really wish they closed it off from the public. We’re only going to ruin it.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 021

These guys should be the only ones touching this temple.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 028

I found an odd-looking monkey by Ta Prohm.

Learning the ways of the monkey.

Learning the ways of the monkey.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 030

Cambodia is an AMAZING honeymoon locale. I’d personally prefer it over a Bora Bora or Maui…

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 037

THE bridge over the river Kwai.

When Nicole met a rather large kitty cat.

When Nicole met a rather large kitty cat.

This is how the Thai's play tug of war...

This is how the Thai’s play tug of war…Notice the team work on the cat’s end.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 041

She soon saw something…much larger.

Southeast Asia Road Trip 2014 007-2

My favorite 4 legged creature in the world! Sorry Chubs…

gopro elephant

We took a bath with one.










May 08

The last time I was in Thailand, in 2010, the country was going through a quasi civil war.

Thailand was in turmoil with the city of Bangkok practically in hiatus, a country wide curfew & little to no tourism for a solid 2 months.

Turn the page 2 years, and it’s like April, 2010 never even happened. The immigration line more crowded than the 4 Train during rush hour.

A much more peaceful & harmonious country than my previous experience. With the exception of Khaosan Road in Bangkok & Haad Rin in Koh Phangan, which still acts as a war zone between alcohol and the human liver.


A replica of Angkor Wat in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. 2nd attempt to make it to Cambodia. Fail.

I feel like the older monks are much more expressive than the younger lads.

That's a man with swag - Floating Market.

There's street food and then there's river food. Literally.

Karra & I were loving the "River" food.

Thai Tacos. The Thai's knows how to present their food well.

Things I do on my free time...

Don't try this at home...or anywhere else for that matter.

Love Tiger Temple.

That's the patented guilty Chubby face

Haha. The fella isn't fighting fair.

Playtime mixed with aerial assaults.

Note to self, if ever in a jungle with Tigers...they are great climbers. Tiger temple is here to assure that there still will be Tigers in Jungles for our children.

The beautiful Karra with me on this trip. Reunited from Vietnam 2009(10).

This is what happens when one mistaken the brake for the throttle and conveniently there is a solid concrete pole around to ride up on.

And I was just being an idiot.

Barracuda hunting. Quite a sight to witness.

A species of angel fish...I think. =/

Can you spot the cute fella?

Reminds of me Nemo's home.

Koh Tao had far too many people in the water at the same time. Otherwise, an amazing dive site.

The best place to stay in Koh Phangan.

Nom, the nicest guy on the island of Koh Phangan, sleeping on the deck of Munchies. He kinda runs the joint. No pun intended...

Nom's pup. Dogs in Thailand are extremely territorial. Some fights can get pretty ugly...

He waits for low tide when the smaller fish gets trapped in pools via the sand bars...

You could practically walk half the way to Koh Samui from here because the shore is so shallow for so long.

A morning's hard work.

The morning of a Moonset (Wish I had my camera with me!) & a Rainbow.

From my Trapeze lessons. =)


August 17

So since I’m “blogging” now, I figured I’d put together a post of my recent travels. Work travels are not included neither is Vegas…for obvious reasons. =D
I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel with the frequency that I do and to meet some of the warmest people in this world…

As I was putting this together, I bawled like a little baby going through the pictures of Vietnam… Vietnam was the trip that changed my entire world around. That was my very first trip that I had gone solo on, my first international non-profit, and many more other “firsts” but it was Vietnam & the orphanage that put things into perspective and made me feel like I have lucked out in life.

When traveling solo, I refuse to stay in big hotels. I find people there are much more isolated and guarded. Some of the best and most interesting people that I’ve met have been at hostels, homestays or small local hotels (By 3rd world country standards). How is one supposed to experience another’s culture when you’re being pampered? It’s certainly not the local’s way of life, that’s for sure. Besides, I have a great life back home…I don’t travel to escape from my life, I travel to appreciate everything I have.

Partying in Hong Kong

China's fear of being a nutshell.

Sunsets in Boracay are some of the best in the world.

Street food intestines in the Philippines....questionable at best but we survived.

The beautiful waters of Boracay...still my favorite island in the world...though Isla Mujeres is fast approaching that label.

Found this in a "department store" in Tokyo....we found some crazy stuff in that place from food to pets to luxury bags and toys.

Snake wine in Vietnam...Took a bit of convincing but it wasn't too bad. Conceptually, it's disgusting.

The head monk in the orphanage playing with kids in Nam...I miss those kids...

Geoffrey soon found out shortly after this that sand...gets...everywhere...

Beautiful family on the side of the road selling us goods

The fisherman in the small Nam' town of Mui Ne packing it up for the evening


Qui's a sweet heart. Single & ready to mingle but shy and pees a lot...

Sau's the beautiful queen and the laughing princess at the orphanage.

The beautiful Karra & my baby boy.

I called him Jingles (But I think his real name was Jai) when I was there cause he would sing "Jingle Bell" He used me as a human roller coaster ride...

Alcatraz from Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

Only city prettier than SF is NYC. Can I get an Amen?!

First day with UBECI

Silhouette in the Amazon...scariest experience in my life and it wasn't because of the animals

Don't let this serene picture fool you, these waters are filled with nasty I decided to go swimming & almost drowned.

He wasn't happy when I took the baby bottle away from him...he's too damn big for a bottle anyways.

Don't let my smile fool you, the neck of that tiger smelled like urine after this picture...I'M KIDDING!

The monks in the tiger sanctuary are crazy! Keep in mind, that ink was put on the traditional way.

Kaoshan Rd (One of the busiest streets in Thailand) at 10 PM during the Thailand protests (I booked a last minute flight there to photograph the events unfolding but got in one day too late)

The aftermath in central Bangkok the following morning...all I remember that morning was the smell of burnt metal (from the bombs & blown buildings) & something really sour (I didn't want to know)

Elephants became my favorite land animals in the world after this trip

Scary to some...but peaceful to me.

Yeah...I'm a bit insane...

The long neck village, unfortunately they've turned the ones in Thailand to a bit of a tourist attraction. I'm going to find them in their native home in Burma. Mark my words!

This is local but too memorable to not put up.

Also local but can't believe it's almost been 10 years...

Okay, I'll admit...this picture wouldn't be up here if it wasn't for that...that....beautiful.....wave. - Costa Rica

Pura Vida! I'll also admit, I'm a terrible surfer.

Driving a Wrangler in Big Island, Hawaii made me want to invest in the American automotive industry.

Um...that's my brother in law...explains

I love seeing dolphins in the wild. I would free all the dolphins in the world if I had the power...

The red rocks clashing against the Turquoise ocean with the blue sky on top...Big Island is my favorite Hawaiian Island

The lava formations are insane! The rocks were so fresh that it was still hot!

Ill advised to drive on lava rocks as the surface can buckle...but when was the last time I actually listened to advice? =P

My 2nd time around in Ecuador with UBECI.

Please, get involved and spread the word about this wonderful organization. She's giving you a preemptive "Gracias"

Annie's a year older and exponentially cuter.

I'm been traveling so much that I'm starting to call this "futbal"

If I ever had a home somewhere else, this was it.

They love NY! ......well....maybe not that little one on the bottom. hahah

The Bay Islands of Honduras...nice for a short trip or a dive license...but questionable for an extended stay...

I'm an import go kart model....

This is us asking: "Where the FUCK are the whale sharks!" More on that soon.