May 08

The last time I was in Thailand, in 2010, the country was going through a quasi civil war.

Thailand was in turmoil with the city of Bangkok practically in hiatus, a country wide curfew & little to no tourism for a solid 2 months.

Turn the page 2 years, and it’s like April, 2010 never even happened. The immigration line more crowded than the 4 Train during rush hour.

A much more peaceful & harmonious country than my previous experience. With the exception of Khaosan Road in Bangkok & Haad Rin in Koh Phangan, which still acts as a war zone between alcohol and the human liver.


A replica of Angkor Wat in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. 2nd attempt to make it to Cambodia. Fail.

I feel like the older monks are much more expressive than the younger lads.

That's a man with swag - Floating Market.

There's street food and then there's river food. Literally.

Karra & I were loving the "River" food.

Thai Tacos. The Thai's knows how to present their food well.

Things I do on my free time...

Don't try this at home...or anywhere else for that matter.

Love Tiger Temple.

That's the patented guilty Chubby face

Haha. The fella isn't fighting fair.

Playtime mixed with aerial assaults.

Note to self, if ever in a jungle with Tigers...they are great climbers. Tiger temple is here to assure that there still will be Tigers in Jungles for our children.

The beautiful Karra with me on this trip. Reunited from Vietnam 2009(10).

This is what happens when one mistaken the brake for the throttle and conveniently there is a solid concrete pole around to ride up on.

And I was just being an idiot.

Barracuda hunting. Quite a sight to witness.

A species of angel fish...I think. =/

Can you spot the cute fella?

Reminds of me Nemo's home.

Koh Tao had far too many people in the water at the same time. Otherwise, an amazing dive site.

The best place to stay in Koh Phangan.

Nom, the nicest guy on the island of Koh Phangan, sleeping on the deck of Munchies. He kinda runs the joint. No pun intended...

Nom's pup. Dogs in Thailand are extremely territorial. Some fights can get pretty ugly...

He waits for low tide when the smaller fish gets trapped in pools via the sand bars...

You could practically walk half the way to Koh Samui from here because the shore is so shallow for so long.

A morning's hard work.

The morning of a Moonset (Wish I had my camera with me!) & a Rainbow.

From my Trapeze lessons. =)